Trusted advisors to organizations in the private and public sectors

We help our clients achieve immediate impact by bringing deep expertise, tenacious culture, breadth of services, and increased advantage for their most critical goals.

Trusted advisors to organizations in the private and public sectors
How can your business quickly respond to COVID 19 pandemic?

In the environment of a global pandemic, to survive and overcome the associated critical challenges business needs to react and respond quickly.

How can your business quickly respond to COVID 19 pandemic?

Our services

We believe that professional expertise, backed up by personal connections and reputation are the key to promoting healthy business growth. It is on the basis of these values we, at Metropole Rise Consulting, engage with every new client or partner, undertaking the objective of achieving the anticipated result as a personal obligation.

Strategy & Finance

We help to transform corporate finances to advance your company’s strategy and organize comprehensive opportunities. Improve performance by assuming the ability to quickly adjust and reallocate financial resources.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We determine financing models and subsequent support for the implementation of transactions, provide a smooth transition and management of new assets and technologies, to further improve the effectiveness of assets, and maximize value in case of exit.


We help clients generate and efficiently use data by developing and organizing analytical models that increase productivity, optimize costs, and reorganize risks.


We help to carry out all stages of restructuring, from stabilizing the financial flow in the most urgent situations, to ensuring partial discounting of debts, and determining the model of enterprise reorganization.

Opening of new markets

As business matures, it begins to face the growth limits on its original market. Planning and implementing a growth strategy to penetrate new markets will not only help your business diversify but could also give you considerable edge on the competition.


We help companies realize the desire for digital transformation. Studying and creating new ways to build strong customer relationships; digitization of products or services, which includes the launch of new ones, the improvement of existing ones.

Internal audit service

We provide ongoing independent verification of existing operations and control strategies in your enterprise. We adapt methods and approaches to risk assessment in accordance with the industry and the unique properties of the organization.

Marketing and sales

Generating sales requires potential customers to understand the product existence, purpose, and benefits over competitor’s. We have the experience and tools to guide the cycle, from raising awareness to generating leads and converting them to customers.

Business transformation

We help build competitiveness in the digital age using big data and the latest IT technology. Develop an individual transformation plan, from strategy adjustment to the organization of business processes.

Project management

We manage projects with full transparency and contribute our diverse expertise to ensure the scope, budget, planning, and risk management, as well as assure productive collaborations with clear communication and alignment of roles and responsibilities.

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