Operational digest-reviews from Metropole Rise Consulting

Insights and reviews about strategy corrections, trends, market analytics, changes of business processes and their impact, delivered to you via email.

In the dynamically-changing business environment, the current geo-political situation, and the development of new models of operational activities, Metropole Rise Consulting performs technical and analytical assessment of news, business proposals and transactions, as well as interesting concepts, the summary of which you can receive in a form of a digest, with all key excerpts.

In particular, the digests will provide you with:

Key economic news;

Trends and tendencies of diverse business segments;

Research and analytics;

Announcements of international forums and other business events, as well as reports from closed events;

Операционные инсайты Metropole RC

Выпуски о коррекции стратегий, тенденциях, рыночной аналитике, изменениях и влиянии бизнес-процессов, ежемесячно на вашей электронной почте.