How can we help in the public sector

As part of our interaction with the public sector, Metropole Rise Consulting can not only contribute to the realization of projects in such areas as energy efficiency, infrastructure, waste treatment, security, education, medicine, and employment, but also provide comprehensive advice and guidance along all stages of processes modernization and transformation.

We are ready to work with you on all priority tasks, from concept, strategy, budgeting and comprehensive planning, to supervision and coordination of the implementation process. Since our interest is not in the talking about promising changes, but in making such changes realistically and effectively implemented, Metropole Rise Consulting contributes with enthusiasm and full dedication to achieving the planned results, coordinating and maintaining budgetary discipline along the entire project path.

We also understand that for many traditional public sector organizations, processes modernization and transformation may be seen like a daunting task. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this process can be not only comfortable, but also joyful. A carefully planned comprehensive strategy, individual approach, corresponding communications and preparation of all stakeholders, together with a strict focus on the anticipated result, are our fundamental values.

We prefer to ask direct questions that make you think deeper, and then work together to create solutions.

With many years of diverse experience, we well know how to implement improvements that expand your capabilities at the same or lower costs. If you need to reduce risks or improve internal operational models, Metropole Rise Consulting can help. We can reduce costs, increase productivity as per the planned schedule or eliminate losses. Primarily, we are focused on helping you achieve your planned results and get more out of your enterprise budget. The result of our work is progress, transparency, accessibility and orderliness.

We are well versed in everything digital. We can help you use technology to increase the effectiveness of your services and bring you closer to the communities (consumers) that you serve. We see digitalization as an addition, but it definitely is an integral part of the success of your enterprise.

We can provide the following services:

  • Conduct independent research, and prepare internal analysis
  • Formulate a strategic plan, and ensure its implementation
  • Perform an ongoing internal independent audit of operational activities
  • Implement digitalization of enterprises and organizations and streamline the operational processes
  • Privatization and corporatization of state enterprises
  • Reorganization of debt burden, or raising debt by issuing securities
  • Introduce anti-crisis solutions in the operations of the enterprises

And much more

Sometimes complex strategic decisions involve both tough negotiations with the stakeholders and comprehensive implementation. Working side by side, we will provide honest advice and the practical recommendations that you need to make real changes in your organization and take a confident step forward.

Send us an email enquiry, and we will be happy to discuss how Metropole RC team can support and guide you on the path to effective development.