How can we assist in the areas of logistics, storage and transportation

Our clients range from local and inter-city companies providing logistics services and public transportation, to those involved in construction and operation of warehouses for individual storage and logistics complexes in the private and commercial sectors. While each client organization is unique, they all are dependent on the presence strategy and the relevant market environment. As a result of globalization, logistics networks have advanced and developed world wide. This capital-intensive industry spans vehicles, platforms, ports, warehouses and airports. Only companies that are able to optimally combine and use these assets have a real chance to survive in the fierce competition with suppliers from the same or related sectors and help to shape the tomorrow's flow of goods.

Metropole Rise Consulting expert teams assist in the information retrieval, development of industry perspectives and corporate analysis. In addition, a team of modeling experts and system analysts is working on the development of complex mathematical models for tasks such as optimization of supply chains or competitive market penetration systems.


With extensive industry experience, Metropole Rise Consulting supports our clients in the areas of operational consulting, corporate finance, organization of chains, as well as sales and marketing.

Traditional approaches are increasingly ineffective to overcome the obstacles faced by suppliers of various logistics services. For example, the competencies and the organization needed to optimize global supply chains are completely different from those needed to provide traditional transportation services as part of the task of minimizing direct costs.

The involvement of Metropole Rise Consulting helps customers better adapt to constantly changing market conditions and take advantage of new opportunities. We work with logistics companies in various areas, including the development of growth strategies, solving the challenges of growing internationalization of the industry and the demand for more comprehensive services, as well as integrating new technologies and anti-crisis solutions for business.

Postal and express delivery services

Metropole Rise Consulting helps the clients to identify and grasp growth opportunities in all relevant market segments, both domestically and abroad.

Suppliers of postal, express and parcel delivery services are facing rapid changes in the markets, from a wide range of industry trends, including digitalization, e-commerce, globalization, to constantly updated regulations and the emergence of new innovative tools. To respond to these trends and transform potential threats into opportunities, our experienced team of practitioners helps clients develop tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industry needs, including strategy, marketing and sales, IT and digitalization, advanced analytics, human resources and organization of operational processes, as well as financing.

Metropole Rise Consulting helps its clients use the opportunities for profit generation, relying on market dynamics with the help of:

  • Revenue / Income Analysis

    Assessing global opportunities to expand the existing business model, both geographically and within industry verticals, to capture profitable growth, in accordance with the capabilities of our customers.

  • Logistics Network Optimization

    Identifying sustainable cost savings by optimizing location, routing, and network planning while maintaining high quality and customer service requirements.

  • Operational Management

    Optimization of equipment, management processes and production sites to improve quality and efficiency through innovative work models and industry best practices.

  • Product and Service Innovations

    Development, testing and implementation of new, innovative products, including digital tools, as well as the modernization and updating of existing profitable products to strengthen the company's key competitive positions.

  • Organizational and Industrial Re-design

    Alignment of the organizational structure with the general strategy of the company to ensure the effectiveness of revenue and income, as well as to increase flexibility in decision-making in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • Modernization of Sales Approach

    Using advanced analytics to identify and track new sales force capabilities by using existing data and changing consumer incentive systems, aligning sales efforts with the company's strategy.

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