How can we help in private equity activities

We will be frank. No one is engaged in private equity, with the goal of losing financial investment. The industry is developing rapidly, but despite the current recession, in the modern world there are no unequivocal guarantees of capital security. In order to increase the chances in your favor, it is important to determine the exact purpose of your investments, understand the potential and assess possible risks, and also quickly and decisively make decisions on the reintegration of problem areas.

This is our area of activity and expertise. Since we have been engaged in private equity for quite some time now, we can guide you through every step of the transaction. And considering that we are also specialists in crisis management at Metropole Rise Consulting, we can help stabilize the organization you invested in, giving you and your organization a high chance of success.

No matter how the market moves, Metropole Rise Consulting team of private equity and operations management experts is always there to help you throughout the transaction, from short-term results to long-term returns.

Before the transaction

If you are not preparing for a deal, you are inevitably move to losses. We unequivocally agree with this statement, especially when it comes to choosing an asset for investment. That is why we pay great attention and special care in each individual case. It is here that we begin to disclose our know-how in work, evaluating the potential of the transaction from the perspective of critical business areas, as well as analyzing standard commercial data. We will provide you with a true picture of what is happening in the company and in the industry around it, so that you are better informed and prepared.

After the transaction

Our feature is that from the very first day we can accelerate the processes of optimization and development of the company. We can ensure the basics financial efficiency of your investment. As a rule, this is much more than cost reduction, so we will also be able to understand your operational activities, helping you accelerate the search for revenue sources, debug the sales process or launch completely new models in the business. The ultimate goal is the business healing process.


If you decide to sell your stake in the organization, we will help here as well. Part of the planning is making a decision, setting the ideal price, and exploring the long-term strategy and business model of your acquisition. This sets a framework for expectations and pays particular attention to whether your investment goals are being achieved. We can help you find the right buyer, and we will prepare packages of documents to ensure the correct assessment of your share and the current state of the business in order to ensure the maximum benefit for you. And of course, we’ll look at all possible options for exiting the organization, including the least obvious ones, to provide you with the best market offer.


Get in touch with us now and find out how Metropole Rise Consulting can support and guide you on the path of effective development.