How can we assist in technologies, telecoms and media

Thanks to our deep industry experience in working with leading telecom operators, broadband providers, integrators, solutions and service developers, in the field of IT, telecommunications and media, Metropole Rise Consulting can work with you throughout the entire organizational chain - from strategy, product development, interaction with partners and clients, and maintenance of digital technologies, to advisory in the areas of operational management, procurement, implementation of investment programs, transformation, and development of supply chains.

In the field of technologies, we can support you not only by provisioning a smooth and efficient digitalization process for your organization with the introduction of the latest software and services, but also to create incredible new opportunities through automation of production and operational processes, man-hour optimization and reorganization of other verticals. From innovations to direct procurement, development, implementation and realization, Metropole Rise Consulting will be with you throughout the entire process.

In the field of media, with the same level of energy and enthusiasm we are facing today's challenges related to the development of information consumption models and changes in advertising revenue generation models. At each stage, we open up new sources of income and identify opportunities for justified optimization of costs.

In the field of telecommunications, we understand that you have to face the need to work more efficiently than ever before, to use data from various sources and conduct high-quality in-depth analytics, as well as use a variety of digital communication channels with consumers, while investing heavily to ensure the expected quality of services, satisfying the needs of consumers and staying on the cutting edge of technological development. In addition to unique product offerings, there are objectives such as providing the customers with the service experience that forms and matches the brand image, exploring the possibilities of generating additional income on the basis of the existing foundation, new solutions and partnerships, building a multi-stage process for interacting with customers, as well as to reasonably and farsightedly build investment strategy.

We strive to play an active role in the formation of the industry for the benefit of all the involved parties. Our efforts in the areas of cybersecurity, product portfolio management, digital technologies and the global technology economy - ultimately help move the industry forward.

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