02 October 2020

Kiev, Ukraine, October 2, 2020 - Metropole Rise Consulting (hereinafter “MRC”) and Inventure Investment Group (hereinafter “InVenture”) announced the beginning of a strategic partnership to provide integrated financial and consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Ukraine.

Combining the international experience and MRC’s high standards in providing a wide range of management, financial and investment consulting services and InVenture's long-term expertise in attracting investments, selling assets and supporting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions in Ukraine, the Parties intend to actively cooperate to facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises in effective and high-quality business development.

Among the main challenges facing the overwhelming majority of SME managers are such factors as:
• Limited access to financial resources and difficulties in choosing the optimal financial products and instruments in accordance with the needs of their business;
• High costs, including the cost of energy resources, taxes / fees / charges, competition from larger market players, interactions with the administrative resource;
• Difficulties in building and systematizing an effective enterprise management structure, incl. and due to the "staff shortage" and low financial training;
• Limited access to new technologies.

At the same time, according to the World Bank, for more than half of the enterprises in the SME segment, the main aspect that hinders overcoming these factors is the non-compliance of the enterprise's documentation with either of the regulations and requirements of financial institutions, the lack of executive level assessments and analytics, and the lack of corresponding management experience of the acting executives.

Today, managers and owners of SMEs in Ukraine, being actively involved in the operational management of their business, realize the value of attracting professional independent consultants in order to systematize business processes, as well as develop and implement effective development strategies.

Metropole Rise Consulting offers a set of products and solutions aimed at improving the financial performance of clients and opening new perspective niches and opportunities for them. As part of the partnership with InVenture Investment Group, when providing services to clients, the parties will rely not only on the existing international expertise in the provision of management consulting services and their wide network of contacts, but also on partnerships with private investment funds, family offices, and financial institutions.

Our corporate philosophy assumes a personalized, so-called “bespoke” approach to each client. We are convinced that with appropriate motivation of the owners and managers of client enterprises, our efforts will be aimed not only at improving operational performance, but also at creating completely new opportunities and niches"— said the Managing Partner of the Ukrainian branch of Metropole Rise Consulting, Roman Kantarovskiy.

Companies and organizations around the world are continually looking at ways to improve their financial planning, accounting, and reporting mechanisms in their efforts to achieve better market responsiveness and greater flexibility. And Ukrainian entrepreneurs are no exception. It is no secret that in our time, the rapid pace of emerging changes affects different industries in different ways. The partnership between MRC and InVenture will allow us to offer our customers more options for solving specific problems"


“The main task of an enterprise owner at the stage of business growth is to delegate his authority. And, unfortunately, very often, a spontaneous redistribution of responsibilities among employees often leads to a deterioration in financial results. At the same time, the owner, who is mired in the operational management of the company, often forgets about the strategy, being engaged in “extinguishing fires”. This leads to the fact that the company does not develop, staff turnover is growing, partners and counterparties go one by one to competitors, and as a result - the loss of reputation, money and potential to grow into a large systemic business", - comments the managing partner of InVenture Investment Group, Alexey OleinikovThe range of services and solutions for SME owners, which will be provided within the framework of our cooperation with Metropole Rise Consulting, will allow our clients to make a breakthrough step in the development of their enterprise, to systematize and streamline operational activities and overcome the current crisis. World practice shows that management consulting with the involvement of independent consultants allows you to take an unbiased look at the business, clearly identify the strengths and weaknesses and develop the right strategy for increasing the efficiency and growth of the company. And our investment experience in various fields of activity will allow us to introduce the best practices in accordance with the specifics of the client's business."

International experience shows that the development and implementation of high-quality financial and management assessments, systematization of business processes and strategic planning provides an opportunity to access capital for confident business growth.

About - Metropole Rise Consulting

Metropole Rise Consulting – trusted advisors for organizations in the private and public sector. We help our clients achieve immediate results by bringing in deep expertise, a dedicated business culture, a wide range of services and solutions, and added value to achieve critical goals. With offices in Washington DC (USA), Berlin (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), Moscow (RF), Tel Aviv (Israel), Nairobi (Kenya) and Tashkent (Uzbekistan), we work as a single integrated team in all geographic regions around the world. Our function is simple - to provide guidance that will enable our client to make real progress. At Metropole Rise Consulting, we accompany you on your way to the top.

About - Inventure Investment Group

InVenture Investment Group is a reliable and honest partner in the private equity and venture capital market. The company is engaged in attracting financing for investment projects, selling companies from various sectors of the economy, searching, and selecting assets for investment, as well as building and implementing an investment strategy and private capital management. In its work, the team uses a professional, systematic, technological approach and is aimed at increasing capital in the interests of the company's clients.

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