How can we help you with digital transformation?

Digitalization is transforming business and entire industries around the world. Four key factors drive the digitalization effort: increasing customer engagement, digitizing products (services), exploring and applying new business models, and improving decision-making and work efficiency.

The opportunities for creating added value in each of these areas are enormous. However, companies embarking on the digital path quickly realize that digital conversion technology itself is often the easiest part of change. Successful digital transformation efforts always begin with a clear understanding of strategy, current and future operating business models, and risk appetite. Organizations must decide whether they are ready for structural transformation or not, and whether they can take the initiative in the transformation path, or they will play the game of expectations, control the competitive environment and respond as necessary to protect market share. Managers should also think about how digital transformation will affect the organization’s employees, how easily the current culture of the organization and the behavior of individual employees will be able to take new approaches, and how these changes will direct interaction with customers for the better.

Metropole Rise Consulting helps companies realize their commitment to digital transformation. We work with you to better understand the risks and opportunities that arise with the advent of new technologies, and to think creatively about how you can use these technologies to increase business efficiency. Attraction of experts in the field of data and analytics, technologies, internal audit of business processes, risks and compliance with regulations. We select professional teams in accordance with the specific requirements of your transformation program. These professionals work with you at all stages of the transformation program, ensuring that people, processes and technologies come together to create value in the future.

Digital transformation is usually aimed at achieving one or more key goals. Studying and creating new ways to build strong customer relationships; digitization of products or services, which includes launching new ones, improving existing ones or exploring new business models for products or services; Improving business intelligence to improve the decision-making process or creative use of technology to increase operational efficiency. Metropole Rise Consulting has experience working closely with customers to help them achieve their business goals in a variety of ways. Since each transformation is unique, we adapt the following competencies depending on your strengths and needs.

Digital Transformation Management, Strategy and Execution

We guide you all the way, ensuring that digital transformation programs are clearly designed, developed, tuned to successfully achieve your goals, and effectively implemented. This includes providing an assessment of technology readiness, supporting program and project management, practical project implementation, and managing / implementing changes. In addition, we provide a wide range of services for cybersecurity and data privacy, as well as data architecture, analytics and reporting.

Functional transformation and improvement

We work with you to determine how technology can present completely new approaches to the challenges in the areas of finance, information technology, business operations, procurement, risk management and auditing in your organization. We provide experts in each functional area with technology and change management specialists who can help you improve or transform your business comprehensively.

Introducing an innovative culture

We provide an objective view to help you remove the unnecessary barriers to the innovation and change, which may exist in your organization. This includes assisting you in developing the management of your digital investment portfolio, evaluating and developing your innovative culture, creating “suitable” policy frameworks and regulations, and developing and conducting training and awareness-raising programs for your staff.

Evaluation and implementation of new technologies

We advise, support and accompany you in decision-making processes about when and how to use new or emerging technologies. While the business landscape is constantly changing, we help you identify opportunities and implement programs for using new tools, including robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, RegTech (regulatory technologies), blockchain, data analysis / big data, FinTech (technologies for financial services) and the Internet of things.

Business Intelligence and Decision Making

We help organizations in the field of information structuring, big data management and advanced analytics, revealing organizational potential and facilitating informed decision-making, using the most valuable data assets of your company to increase capitalization. We help you get quick access to huge volumes of internal data, combine them with external data of third parties and social networks and integrate them into the main business processes. We provide an understanding of the strategies and processes that underpin effective decision making.

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