Reorganization and restructuring services

  • Financial consulting, attraction and management of working capital, reorganization and financial restructuring
  • Interim management services for the period of restructuring
  • Creditors advisory
  • Financial assessment

Financial Advisory

In the most urgent situations, enterprises must stabilize their finances and improve their activities in order to maintain market positions and maintain the organization's performance. Working with shareholders, top managers, investment bankers, lawyers, Metropole Rise Consulting helps companies improve results for the benefit of all interested parties. We work with short-term and long-term economic goals, and our efforts are aimed at providing immediate, financial and quantifiable, positive impact on your organization.

Our services include:

  • Stabilization of organization’s turnover and business transformation
  • Development and implementation of reorganization and restructuring plans, in accordance with international standards
  • Improving operations, including identifying opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenues
  • Assisting management in the development of a strategic management plan, as well as supervision and assistance in its implementation
  • Liquidity management and forecasting, including the development of a cash flow forecast
  • Non-standard M&A situations and advice on debt obligations, including the acquisition and sale of distressed assets / divisions, as well as raising or refinancing debt obligations
  • Contingency planning and risk analysis
  • Advising on the development of a retention plan for customers / suppliers / employees

And other services aimed at healing and improving the efficiency of organizations

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Interim Management During the Restructuring Period

In times of change, enterprises often require practical, experienced and independent leadership. We initiate and implement plans for stabilization, growth and restructuring, while ensuring accountability to the board of directors and shareholders of the company, working closely with all interested parties, partners and suppliers. We transfer knowledge to current employees and help in finding permanent candidates in order to prepare for a smooth transition and lay the foundation for long-term success.

We can satisfy the most urgent needs of the company while its leaders are engaged in daily activities. Our wide range of interim management services includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Operations Director (COO).
  • Key financial positions, including: financial director, treasurer, controller, etc.
  • Other relevant management positions, including IT, logistics and manufacturing managers.
  • Managers responsible for restructuring and transformation, whether a comprehensive restructuring by court order, or large-scale corporate restructuring.

Advisory For Creditors

We use our operational and financial experience to analyze and assess the situation and work with groups of lenders to develop and implement strategies that provide optimal solutions in cases involving financial problems.

We act as a financial consultant for:

  • Private and commercial lenders
  • Holders and insurers of bonds
  • Committees of creditors on unsecured debts

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of the strategy and viability of the company, the feasibility of a business plan and management capabilities
  • Development of company recovery strategies and negotiating with other stakeholders
  • Assessment of enterprises or subsidiaries based on market data and transactions
  • Auditing of accounting and management reporting, as well as accompanying relevant legal proceedings, in case of revealing unethical actions by managers, such as providing individual preferences, fraudulent transfers of funds, or other
  • Sale of conditionally default loan portfolios

Financial Assessment

Turnover and restructuring often require a detailed assessment of a company's financial operations - in the shortest possible time. Our methodology carefully and quickly examines the financial activities of the company with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness and risk. This approach allows us to quickly find opportunities that could improve the financial performance of the organization, reduce costs and reduce risk.

Our assessment includes:

  • Cash management and treasury
  • Working capital management
    • Accounts receivable and credit management
    • Accounts payable and supplier management
    • Inventory and stock assessment
  • Automation and performance enhancements
  • Tax burden structure and optimization possibilities
  • Organization of an effective reporting system
  • Risk management and additional analyzes

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