How we can help with your strategy and finances

Corporate Finance

Our experience combines in-depth financial expertise with exclusive financial instruments.

Successful business development requires not only regular adoption of rational and effective management decisions based on an adequate understanding of the competitive environment and operational processes, but also the determination to implement them. For this, it is necessary to conduct a constant analysis of the performance of the business, and in particular its financial state.

The role and responsibilities of the CFO have changed significantly in recent years. Previously, CFO was limited to purely financial functions, but today more than ever, it is a strategic partner responsible for creating value for the entire business.

The Metropole Rise Consulting team provides operational support to CFOs in the process of transforming companies, forming portfolio strategies, making important investment and restructuring decisions, as well as attracting investors.

Corporate and capital market strategies

Experience has shown that properly implemented strategies that reflect value creation and associated risk factors are critical to success. By analyzing the strategies and trends of public and private companies, we help our clients maximize value creation by coordinating their corporate strategy with investors and shareholders, substantiating value.

We support our customers in the following areas:

  • Defining of strategy and business models
  • Active portfolio management - to finance corporate growth and maximize long-term value of the company
  • Interaction with investors - to justify corporate strategy, manage expectations regarding efficiency, maximize the value of shareholdings and predict growth prospects
  • Development of innovative financing strategies

Value Based Management

We support our customers in several areas:

  • Performance measurement - using rigorous analytical tools and methodologies that evaluate the value and effectiveness of a business
  • Coordinating management - to shape strategy, create motivation systems and identify leaders to create effective work according to the international standards and practices.
  • CFO support - helps to determine the role, responsibilities and agenda for CFOs, including the tasks of working with a management team and board of directors, managing digital transformation and using high-quality data analytics tools in combination with advanced technologies.

Corporate strategy

We help clients improve their performance by developing strategic models that assume the possibility of quick adjustment and redistribution of financial resources, which ultimately effectively affects the growth of financial results of companies.

To organize a balanced strategy and growth, companies should be able to accurately assess the volume of assets, potential opportunities, operational processes and associated risks. Metropole Rise Consulting team combines experience in planning and strategizing, increasing productivity, mergers and acquisitions, as well as selling distressed assets to strengthen the company's economic condition. Our methodology and extensive experience working with financial and operational instruments help our clients plan and execute bold, flexible and decisive actions.

Distribution of resources

The financial success of a company to a large extent depends on consistent adherence to the strategy, and an appropriate allocation of resources. Successful companies are constantly growing due to investments in the development of their existing fields of business, acquisition of new enterprises, and exits from distressed assets. Efficient allocation of resources makes it possible to remain more resilient to a rapidly changing market, more likely to maintain independence and create value solutions and products, especially in unstable economic times.

Metropole Rise Consulting helps clients develop effective strategic plans and budget policies. As part of our work, we use proven tools and methods that will help company management to obtain new financial results and overcome operational barriers that stand in the way.

Strategic management and planning

We help clients in strengthening and shaping their strategies, determining the best solutions and monitoring progress on the developed strategy. We can help clients with management difficulties or develop a completely new approach to strategic management and planning.

Experience has shown that effective strategies are based not only on optimistic models. They are based on bold, independent solutions. Building processes based on behavioral strategies reduces the impact of cognitive biases - excessive optimism, group thinking, and loss aversion - that can influence critical decisions made by even the most experienced managers in top companies.

We also help clients determine who should manage the strategic planning process. Although CEOs are ultimately responsible for making strategic decisions, more and more companies are increasingly turning to independent strategic consultants, such as Metropole Rise Consulting, to develop and implement successful strategies.

Digital Strategy

We help clients develop a digitalization strategy, identify opportunities and potential risks, and create conceptually new technologically innovative formats.

We help introduce modern technological solutions to customers' enterprises in order to ensure uninterrupted quality service, optimize costs and create new innovative business models.

With many years of experience in strategy and data analysis, Metropole Rise Consulting accompanies customers in identifying the opportunities and threats that digitalization can bring to their companies and industries. We evaluate what technological competitors and innovations can develop in the industry, analyze how these competitors can change the format of the industry, and formulate a strategy to protect current market share, as well as create new business opportunities.

Digital Transformation

Our task is to complete the rethinking process within your company. We help clients transform into the digital age by coordinating the structure and each operational process of the company, in which automation and machine learning can change the structure of the staff or optimize other operating and capital costs. Metropole Rise Consulting provides clients with tools, digital skills and technologies, realizing the right strategic vision.

Council Services

We help clients increase the effectiveness of the board of directors by advising, organizing a qualitative analysis, analyzing operational activities, creating and implementing new ideas.

An effective board of directors better understands where the company has weak areas, potential risks and an ineffective strategy.

The organization of the council in limited liability companies and private companies of other formats is a qualitative indicator, and in most cases provides an independent opinion of shareholders, and also creates effective changes that strengthen the market positions of companies.

The board of directors evaluates the distribution of financial flows, supports the development of the company as part of the strategy, and considers alternative changes, if necessary. Monitoring trends, determining pricing and market approaches provide quality results. On the other hand, independent boards of directors are often appointed to conduct fiduciary activities or reassess short-term financial results.

Metropole Rise Consulting team can help improve the interaction between management and the board of directors, for example, through strategic discussions.

Creation of effective Supervisory Board

Many boards of directors spend significantly more time on fiduciary activities than on analyzing and conducting discussions to increase capitalization. Effective boards of directors often interact with their management teams.

Metropole Rise Consulting takes a unique approach to creating an integrated company management structure.

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