Consulting is a business primarily for people

At Metropole Rise Consulting we are confident that at the foundation of any successful venture lies the ability to efficiently manage the various relationships between the people. For us, Advisory and Consulting - is a business about people and for people. We combine the knowledge and diverse practical experience of business development in Europe, the CIS, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, which, in our professional activities, allows us to examine any challenges from a wider perspective and with consideration of understanding of best international practices applied in various industries, diverse business ethics, cultural specifics, consumer habits, and special market environments. In turn, this allows us not only to better grasp the objectives of our clients but also to create efficient individual approaches in our cooperation with every client, concentrating on the anticipated result.

We help organizations, in both private and public sectors, to initiate qualitative transformations and form up appropriate strategic and managerial solutions.

Our teams possess a diverse and multisector experience and expertise, which are applied individually in working with each client. Metropole RC team members not only enjoy our work and the process of overcoming various challenges but also enjoy the opportunity to work together with our clients.

Cooperating with our clients, we strive to transform and implement into their organizations the most critical management decisions, including anti-crisis ones. Often this requires in-depth analytics, strategic planning, the introduction of digital technologies and the development of fundamental organizational processes, as well as the formation of opportunities, which help organizations and their employees thrive in the constantly changing market environment.

In practice, we provide perspective, understanding and practical know-how to achieve the goals that match your vision. Working together, we incarnate great ideas into practical realities, helping you and your organizations grow at a breakthrough pace.

Our function is simple - to provide guidance that enables our clients to achieve real progress. 
At Metropole RC we are always open for cooperation and new opportunities.

Our work is based on a strict understanding of the institutional context of each client, the dynamics of the corresponding sector, and the macroeconomic environment. We study markets, trends, emerging best practices in each industry and region, on local and global levels. The training of our employees and the applied models of accumulated knowledge transfer, help us to effectively manage requests and implementation of objectives set by our clients. We publish our analytics and reviews of individual cases we worked on (subject to confidentiality terms and client's wish) and interact with leading analysts and trendsetters of relevant industries on the most actual issues faced by our clients and society.

Our mission is to help organizations in the commercial and public sectors better understand the evolution of the global economy and provide a strategic base of facts that will help them make decisions on critical issues.

Innovations: The needs of our clients are constantly changing, so we are constantly looking for new and better ways of their fulfillment. Metropole RC attracts new talents, acquires new companies with high expertise, and develops the most advanced capabilities, for example, in the areas of product and industrial design, analytics, and digital technologies.